Disrupted sleep – could it be making you fat?

New study: Disrupted sleep can increase ‘hunger hormones’ Disrupted sleep can increase ‘hunger hormones’ leading to unwanted weight gain, a new study suggests (1). The review, published recently in the Journal of Psychology, examines the various ways in which disrupted sleep and the associated problems cause increased food intake. Disrupted Sleep and ‘Hunger Hormones’ Our […]


Wiley’s Finest: Super Fats!

EPA/DHA Counts! Not all fats are the same, and it pays to know the difference. After decades of demonising fats in the diet, the latest headlines report “fat is good for you!” But the devil is the detail and it matters which type of fat you choose to consume. There are good, bad and ugly […]


Doctor’s Best: CoQ10

What is Coenzyme Q10? Coenzyme Q10 is a vitamin-like, fat soluble nutrient central to energy production at the cellular level, essential for generating metabolic energy in the form of ATP. What is ATP? ATP is the energy currency of every cell in the human body, it is necessary for not only exercise but for life. […]


Optibac Probiotics – travel with a happy and healthy digestive system

50% of travellers experience digestive issues when abroad. Don’t be one of them! Traveller’s Diarrhoea is the most frequently experienced health disorder experienced by those travelling abroad[1]. Research suggest that pathogenic bacteria are responsible for 85% of all cases of Traveller’s Diarrhoea[3], with E. coli being the most common offender[4,5]. Despite it being a generally […]


Spiezia Organics Facial Ritual

A five step guide to feeling fabulous! Follow these five simple steps to achieve beautiful healthy skin the natural way. These 100% organic products, made only from natural ingredients are a joy to use and will last for ages – a little of each product goes a long way. STEP 1 – FACIAL CLEANSER Gently massage […]


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