Natures Aid – What is CBD Oil?

There has been so much publicity recently about CBD, and the messages can be very confusing. Here Natures Aid attempt to answer some of the most frequently asked questions, and try to provide some clarity on the subject. CBD stands for Cannabidiol, it is an oil extracted from the plant Cannabis sativa, which is also […]


Crohn’s and Colitis Awareness

Around 300,000 people in the UK suffer with Crohn’s disease or colitis, two diseases that can be devastating to those affected. Both Crohn’s and colitis are autoimmune diseases, in which the immune system goes awry and begins to attack the digestive tract. People with Crohn’s disease can go for long periods without symptoms (called ‘remission’), […]


Bio D: Zero Waste Movement

Bio D: Zero Waste Movement and Living Plastic Free The ‘zero waste movement’ is becoming more and more popular these days, which makes it seem like a new phenomenon. In effect though, it’s what we – and we bet you too – have been striving towards for a while. (‘Striving towards’ is the key phrase […]


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