Natural sun protection from lavera

Whether you are off to a sunnier climate for a much deserved summer holiday or simply taking advantage of the good weather with time in the garden, a bbq or trip to the coast, it is vital to protect your self from the sun.  Many of us have fallen into the habit of reaching for the mainstream sun care brands we know and trust when we are in the supermarket or shopping for our holiday necessities. However, as discussed previously in the bodykind blog, many of these products are packed full of nasty chemicals and synthetic ingredients that may do us more harm than good.  There is a light at the end of the tunnel though with an array of quality natural sun care products on the market to choose from.

Lavera Natural Sun Care
lavera, is a brand committed to ethics, organic and natural ingredients and quality products for a variety of skin types

Our latest beauty arrival at bodykind, lavera, is a brand committed to ethics, organic and natural ingredients and quality products for a variety of skin types.  Their range of sun protection includes products for all the family in factors 10 – 20.  Sun sprays, milks, lip balms, after suns and self tanning products that are packed full of natural and organic ingredients to give your skin the support it needs.  This award winning chemical free sun range contains no harsh ingredients and provides high-level sun care and protection for every situation.

Waterproof and 100% natural it is perfect for holidays when nipping in and out of the pool or the sea. The minerals reflect penetrating sunlight as soon as the product is applied, so it is instantly effective and doesn’t require time to develop. UVA and UVB sun rays are reflected which helps to protect the skin against sunburn and skin damage.

lavera Sun Sensitive Organic Mineral After Sun Lotion soothes and protects your skin should you have stayed out in the sun that little bit too long.  Containing naturally soothing ingredients such as aloe vera, lavera after suns use the power of shea butter and jojoba oil to moisturise and Organic rose, lavender and green tea essences to cool the skin after sun bathing.

If you want to give your skin the attractive glow that comes with sunbathing but without any of the harmful effects of the sun’s powerful rays, why not try lavera Sun Sensitive Organic Mineral Self Tanning Lotion.  Developed from organic macadamia nut oil and organic jojoba oil, it’s easy to apply to the face and the body and provides a gradual tan to the skin.

Why natural is best…

Natural sun creams work by reflecting UV radiation off the skin like a mirror.  They protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays, without the risk of your body absorbing chemicals which are often present in many mainstream products.  Keep an eye open for the most popular natural certifications such as Soil Association, NaTrue, BDIH and EcoCert.  These certifications require a product to meet certain minimum organic and natural standards.

Natural sun care products often contain an array of natural extracts like hemp and coconut oil, shea butter, carrot seed oil and aloe vera, all of which have natural sun protection.  Natural antioxidants from extracts of acai, grape seed and green tea help to protect skin from sunburn and reduce harmful free radical damage and many incorporate gentle, natural botanicals to soothe and moisturise.  Natural materials also help with cell repair – and don’t interfere with the body’s absorption of vitamin D.

Written by Mike Pye