Organic September: Viridian tell us why Organic is the way forward

If you have been out of the loop the last few weeks you may not have noticed that September just happens to be Organic Month by the Soil Association, the industry’s month long celebration to celebrate all things organic.  This year we have a whole month to celebrate as National Organic Fortnight has been replaced and has now become Organic September.  The message is to promote organic and encourage shoppers to discover their own favourite organic products – and there are lots to choose from.  This week in the bodykind blog Cheryl Thallon, founder & managing director of Viridian Nutrition has kindly provided us with her thoughts about the importance of the organic certificiation.

Discover Organic This September
Join in with Organic September 2011

Cheryl Thallon on Organic September

“This September we once again celebrate Organic Month and while you are choosing your chemical-free fruit and veg, have a think about your daily supplements.

With more than 70 percent of the British population now taking a daily vitamin, mineral, herb or other supplement, it is no surprise that the more discerning are starting to dig a bit deeper into the company behind their daily vitamins.

The health of the planet and the health of the individual are inextricably linked.  Clearly living on a sick planet will make us all sick too.  Take care of yourself with good quality food supplements, a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle; and help to take care of the planet by supporting sustainable agriculture.  Organic farming methods are gentler on the environment and wildlife, reducing chemical pollution.

At Viridian Nutrition we have a three-fold commitment to our customers, Purity, Environment and Charity.  Caring for the integrity of the ingredients from the seed to the recycling bank and for the health and wellbeing of our customers not only by the formulations, but also through green business practices and by supporting charitable community projects.

What’s so special about Soil Association certification?

The Soil Association believes it is vital that organic standards are kept high and enforced effectively.  It has led the way in the development of high organic standards.  These not only meet the legal minimum requirements but are often higher, particularly in farm animal welfare.  The Soil Association can do this because it is an independent charity and is not motivated by profit.

Clearly not all vitamins and minerals can be grown organically, if you want therapeutic levels of these nutrients they are generally not extracted from fruits and vegetables but are produced in a laboratory. Not to say that this is unethical, simply put, the only organic multivitamin is one that offers a low potency blend of superfood powders – fine for stopping deficiency symptoms, but not for therapeutic use.

Viridian Nutrition is committed to organic ingredients and 40% of our range is Soil Association certified, creating one of the largest ranges of certified organic supplements available.  The Viridian organic range includes herbs, herbal tinctures, food blends, nutritional oils and balms – all certified organic by the Soil Association.   Other key products include the Organic Weight Management Plan, Organic Elderberry Throat Spray, Organic Ultimate Beauty Oil, Organic Soul Food Greens, Organic Equinox Elixir, Organic Chickweed Balm and Organic Mineral Complex.”

Written By Cheryl Thallon, Viridian Nutrition