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Tribest blenders, juicers, sprouters and superb summer smoothies…

If you’ve not had the chance to see them already, this blog is all about our fantastic new range of juicers, blenders and kitchen appliances from Tribest and some delicious and nutritious healthy smoothie recipes that you can try making at home.

See our new range of Tribest kitchen appliances - making healthy living easy

Our fantastic new range of kitchen appliances from Tribest includes juicers, blenders, sprouters, soy milk makers, yoghurt makers and food dehydrators, in fact everything you could possibly need to fit your kitchen out with the perfect tools to make healthy nutritious food.

Tribest Juicers are extremely high quality and perfect for fruits, vegetables and the hardest root foods you could imagine.  Available in a range of sizes and styles Tribest juicers can start you on your way to better health with minimal time and effort.

Grow your own fresh, nutritious and tender sprouts to add to your diet in the comfort of your own kitchen with the Freshlife sprouter or if you are intolerant to lactose, make your own delicious, pure soy milk at home with the SoyaBella, saving you time and money and giving you the chance to add tasty ingredients to your soy milk such as strawberries or bananas.

Nutritionists swear by the benefits of healthy low fat and highly nutritious dried foods such as apples or bananas, now you can dry your own at home with the Tribest Sedona food dehydrator.  Raw fruit and nuts get boring,  so make your own healthy dried fruits and vegetables for delicious healthy snacks.  Tribest blenders are perfect for healthy smoothie making.  Try some of our recipes below for a super nutritious breakfast smoothie or as a snack throughout the day packed full of nutritious goodness.

Breakfast Smoothie

A simple recipe that provides you with a quick, delicious and healthy way to start your day.  Add or substitute with your favourite fruit or juice.

Super Green Smoothie
Try a healthy breakfast smoothie to give your body the kick start it needs (1)

Supergreen Smoothie

  • 600ml mineral water (still)
  • ½ chopped cucumber (skin & pips included)
  • ¼ peeled avocado
  • 1 chopped celery stick
  • Juice of ½ lemon or lime
  • ¼ teaspoon unrefined salt
  • Small double handful (60-80mg) of mixed green leaves from the following (they can be combined): spinach, watercress, rocket, savoy cabbage, chard, lettuce, chicory, kale, bok choy, sprigs of mint, parsley, coriander, basil etc
  • Sun Chlorella® ‘A’ tablets: initially starting off with 5 tablets for the first three days, moving up to 10 for the next 3 days and then 15 tablets herein after.

Plus (optionally)

  • 1 garlic clove
  • 1-2 slices (5-10mg) of fresh ginger
  • 1 small chopped spring onion
  • ½ apple or ½ pear or 100g of mango or papaya, to sweeten slightly
Don’t forget to share your favourite smoothie recipes by adding a comment below…


(1)  Image courtesy of gameanna.

Written by Mike Pye

bodykind’s quest for our new Quest supplements

Our latest new arrival at bodykind, the Quest range, has finally been added to our selection of premium quality natural health supplements which is both cost effective and of the highest quality.   In this blog we are going to tell you all about the range and some of the great supplements you can try right now.

Quest Vitamins is the UK’s leading independent manufacturer of specialist health supplements.  The current Quest range covers 74 formulas and includes vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, amino acids and specialist probiotics.

Quest Supplements
Quest Vitamins have always been and remain focussed on manufacturing the highest quality nutritional supplements that you can take with confidence.

Established in 1983, Quest is an independent company dedicated to manufacturing nutritional supplements of the highest quality and each Quest product is backed by scientific research, pure raw materials and industry leading manufacturing standards and techniques.

Quest products all feature Intelligent Nutrition Systems, a set of formulation and manufacturing standards developed in-house by Quest that establish a benchmark for other nutritional supplements. But what are Intelligent Nutrition Systems I hear you ask? Well, the experts at Quest have given us this handy guide…


Bio Balance:
Holistic formulations specifically designed not to interfere with other nutrients in the body and enhance the absorption of key nutrients. Learning from nature’s example, Quest takes in to account the natural synergies and competition that exists between nutrients by:

– Always including complementary nutrients in a formulation that will enhance the absorption of the key active nutrients
– Always including additional nutrients to ensure a product will work without adversely interfering with the mat

Bio Absorb:
100% amino acid blended minerals, which mimic the natural way the body absorbs minerals from food, thereby maximising absorption of the mineral supplement.

The neutral electric charge of amino acid blended minerals ensures that the minerals will not adhere to the GI tract, will not cause gastro intestinal side-effects and will be better absorbed.

Bio Release:
Within the Quest range customers can choose, depending on their individual requirements, between 6 hour timed-release products, which lead to prolonged supplementation and 30 minute quick-release products for maximum and rapid tissue saturation.

Max Power:
Quest products provide the correct potency of nutrients based on scientific research to provide maximum efficacy, but always within the upper safe limits.

Min Process:
As an in-house manufacturer, Quest strives to update and innovate manufacturing methods to make use of ingredients in the most sensitive way.

Quest only uses direct compression tableting technology, avoiding completely the commonly used wet granulation methods. Tablet manufacturing with ‘wet granulation’ methods uses undesirable solvents and subjects ingredients to an intensive and time-consuming manufacturing process. Quest also uses advanced tablet coating technology that subjects the tablets to lower temperatures and for shorter periods than conventional coating processes.

DLPA and Turmeric
Quest is committed to new product development and formulating new products backed by established scientific evidence.

Quest is committed to new product development and formulating new products backed by established scientific evidence.  Such as DLPA & Turmeric for pain and inflammation one of the company’s signature products.

In an industry where the use of third-party contract manufacturers is normal practice, Quest remains committed to 100% in-house manufacturing. Quest also manufacture their own probiotics in house, which is unheard of in this industry and have a team of 12 in-house micro-biologists dedicated to Quest unique probiotic range.

Quest Vitamins have always been and remain focussed on manufacturing the highest quality nutritional supplements that you can take with confidence. See our entire range of Quest supplements now available at bodykind including Vitamins, Minerals, Probiotics, Herbs, Essential Fatty Acids and Glucosamine Sulphate. We hope you like them as much as we do!


Written by Mike Pye, content provided by Quest Vitamins