April is IBS Awareness Month

IBS Awareness Month, observed every April, is an annual campaign aimed at increasing awareness and understanding of irritable bowel syndrome.

IBS is a functional gut disorder, which means that the bowel simply does not work as it should. Around 10% of the population suffers with this disorder, and sufferers can experience a number of [...]


Probiotics – What are they and do you need them?

Probiotics, or ‘friendly bacteria’, are live microorganisms, which when consumed in adequate amounts, are thought to confer health benefits on the human body. Taking a daily probiotic supplement could not only help with your digestion, but could also spark off other feel-good factors, such as good skin health, immunity and wellbeing.

Digestion Probiotics are [...]


How can probiotics support your immune system?

It is generally accepted nowadays that probiotic microorganisms are helpful for digestion, but people are just beginning to understand that these ‘friendly microorganisms’ can support the immune system as well.  For example, one great way to maintain your children’s health in the back to school period is by supporting their gut with a high [...]


Probiotics for Digestive Health and Candida

Probiotics are a valuable part of a healthy diet (1)

Probiotics are a valuable part of a healthy diet, and may play an important role in sustaining overall intestinal health.  Many people suffer from the effects of intestinal imbalances which makes a focus on probiotics essential.  Prevention of imbalance before it occurs is [...]


Probiotics in pregnancy may reduce the risk of eczema in children

Previous evidence has suggested that probiotics (‘friendly’ gut bacteria) given to pregnant women at risk of having children with atopic dermatitis (a type of eczema), and then their infants, seems to reduce the incidence of eczema in the children.  A recently published study in the British Journal of Dermatology (1) took place to examine [...]


Probiotic drink may help reduce infections in children

Probiotics, or so called ‘friendly bacteria, have been heavily researched for over ten years now and many studies,  support their use for prevention and treatment of gastrointestinal diseases as well as a whole host of other issues such as eczema and even childhood cold and ear infections.  A recently published study (1) has found [...]


‘Friendly’ bacteria for the treatment of IBS symptoms

April is International IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) awareness month.  IBS describes a combination of symptoms including constipation, diarrhoea, abdominal pain/discomfort, nausea and vomiting, feelings of fullness, gas and bloating.  Sufferers often feel embarrassed by the condition which generally develops in individuals between the ages of 20 and 30 and affects around 20% of the [...]


Probiotics may be useful in preventing festive indigestion

Christmas parties and festivities are ongoing at this time of year and this often means large meals and plenty of rich food.  Indigestion is a common side-effect of over-indulgence for many people.  Indigestion will typically occur 1-2 hours after eating and symptoms may include:

* Abdominal Pain centred in the upper abdomen * Rumbling [...]


Probiotics for the prevention of eczema in children

Earlier this year I wrote a couple of posts concentrating on the accumulating evidence which suggests that probiotic (‘friendly’ gut bacteria) supplements may be useful to boost the immune system.  In children, studies have shown that probiotic and prebiotic (food supplement that feeds the good bacteria in the digestive system) supplements may be useful [...]


Evidence links prebiotics to reduced appetite and increased satiety

In July this year I wrote about the link between the bacteria in the digestive system and obesity.  The human adult gut contains up to 100 trillion microbial organisms and it certainly seems sensible to ensure that these are mainly made up of ‘friendly’ good bacteria.  The type of bacteria in the digestive system [...]