Natural Energy from Oxygen in a Can

Canned oxygen has actually been around for many years. booost Oxygen have focused on the sporting benefits derived from inhaling almost pure oxygen. Their mantra is that they help sports people “get through the wall.”

The science isn’t that complicated – having a higher concentration of oxygen in your blood gives you more energy, [...]


Lack of Vitamin D a worry for the frail

Vitamin D has received a lot of attention both in research and in the media recently, and I recently wrote about the importance of this vitamin for expectant mothers and their children. It is becoming clear that adequate levels of vitamin D are critical at all stages of life. A new study published in [...]


Magnesium – the humble mineral essential for sports

As the current generation of the world’s sporting elite bow at the biggest event on the planet, many athletes will be looking for that final ingredient to boost their athletic performance.

A growing number of doctors and professional coaches believe that magnesium is the single most important mineral to sports nutrition. Research has identified [...]


Omega 3 fats may help to prevent loss of muscle mass as we age

Over time, as we age, our muscle mass begins to be gradually destroyed/eroded and this can lead to weakening of the body and frailty.  This process of muscle loss is known as sacropenia.

Previous laboratory studies have found that omega 3 fatty acids (found in oily fish such as salmon, trout and sardines) might be [...]