Aromatherapy could help the common cold and improve your sleep

Aromatherapy isn’t hocus pocus and it’s nothing to do with ‘hubble bubble toil and trouble’. It’s simply a natural practice of using natural plant oils and essential oils for psychological and physical wellbeing.

Lavender Aromatherapy
The calming and relaxing fragrance of Lavender aids a peaceful and natural sleep. (1)

Whether these oils are inhaled or topically applied there is an array of benefits to using aromatherapy that go way beyond simply having a nice smelling house.

Essential oils, which come from the pure essences of a plant or herb, have been found to have a number of psychological and physical benefits.  The term essential oil is used widely to include all natural, aromatic, volatile plant oils.

There is often much scepticism about aromatherapy but this is mainly due the fact that there are many products out there masquerading as essential oils but are merely perfume oils that contain synthetic materials and provide none of the benefits of true essential oils.  When purchasing your aromatherapy products it is vital to check the ingredients label.  Only choose products that contain no fragrance oils or un-pure and unnatural chemical components.  Look for products that contain pure essential oils.

Inhaling essential oils

Essential oils can be applied either topically or inhaled.  Inhaled directly into the lungs, essential oils can have a wide range of positive effects. When inhaling essential oils, not only does the aroma of natural essential oils simulate the brain, it can also have a number of therapeutic benefits.  For example, if you suffer from a cold or congestions, try inhaling eucalyptus essential oils to help ease your symptoms and get rid of that horrible bunged up feeling.

Topically applying essential oils

When essential oils are applied to the skin, they can be absorbed into the blood stream and depending on the oil you use, can have a number of benefits for health and beauty.  To apply powerful essential oils to the skin they must first be diluted into a carrier such as Sweet Almond Oil or Apricot Kernel Oil.  If you often have trouble sleeping try applying a lavender essential oil such as the PRIMAVERA Organic Lavender Sleep Therapy Roll On, direct to the temples, earlobes, wrist and chest.  The calming and relaxing fragrance aids a peaceful and natural sleep.

Other benefits of essential oils

There is a vast array of uses for essential oils that go way beyond the medicinal and physical benefits. They can be used in anything from home made household laundry cleaners to repelling mosquitoes and other nasty bugs.  Citronella essential oil is the marvellous ingredient in some of the most effective mosquito repellents on the market.

Find out more about the array of uses of some of our most popular essential oils in our new essential oils table of scents.


Written by Mike Pye


1.  Image courtesy of Simon Howden.